Tourism Industry a Key Value Driver to Economic Growth and Development

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Tourism Industry a Key Value Driver to Economic Growth and Development. A CASE Of NORTH CYPRUS – Rukiye Kilili, Tuğrul Günay, Okechukwu Joshua

This study examines the impact of the tourism sector on economic expansion and development in Northern Cyprus. Tourism is a rapidly developing industry in today’s global market. This sector is critical to a country’s economic growth. In terms of GDP and job creation, an increase in tourism can have a positive impact on a country. Economic development and GDP growth are boosted by tourism in most countries.
The aim of this study is to investigate how to achieve long-term sustainable tourism in Northern Cyprus in order to create economic stability. The study uses a meta-analysis method in which the results of several studies are evaluated using statistical data through a quantitative method analysis. The result shows that tourism has a positive and significant impact on economic progress and employment sector in Northern Cyprus and there is a correlation between the two variables. Apart from Turkey, there is no other country with which Northern Cyprus can establish economic or political relations, despite its rich history and unique characteristics that make it a desirable tourist destination. This presents a challenge for marketing tourism to other parts of the world. The findings suggest that the government and legislators should prioritize favorable policies to promote and realize the full potential of the tourism industry. The objective of the work was to identify the necessary measures that can be taken in the tourism industry to remove the obstacles and solve the problems.

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