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  • Yazar: Tezer Palacıoğlu
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  • Yayınevi: Nobel Bilimsel Eserler
  • Basım Tarihi: Ağustos, 2022
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Global Competition Stage – DEVELOPING AFRICA – Opportunities, Threats, Competitors Case Study Türkiye – Tezer Palacıoğlu

There are basically three alternatives in order to sustain the march for developed but saturated and elderly populated economies (EU, USA, Japan etc) or take a strong place on the world stage again for the developing economies which had imperial experience in the history (China, Russia, Turkey, India etc);
i) Introduce high value-added products with new technology that will meet the purchasing demands of existing consumers and provide new benefits to them,
ii) Finding new markets,
iii) Both.
These requirements clearly explain the struggle to “grab a corner” in Africa which is expected to supply the majority of the world population growth until the next century. It is a geography that should be investigated seriously. Those who are late will likely be left out of the game.
However, due to the tough conditions in Africa, the lack of accurate and up-to-date resources for desk researches and the reluctance of researchers to carry out field studies in Africa reveal a great lack of information. It is hard, if not impossible, to find studies examining 54 countries of Africa with the shortest, practical and concrete data.
I hope this study, which is equipped with the information obtained from extensive domestic and foreign sources as well as the experiences gained in the field studies conducted in 8 African countries and the interviews with all segments of representatives from public and private sector, will cover this need. Despite focusing the issues within the scope of Turkey, the broad understanding of the Continent aims to make it useful to anyone who wants to explore Africa, regardless of the nationalities.

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