Economic Development And Zakat

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Economic Development and Zakat – Hasan Kazak, Bilge Afşar, Orhan Çeker, Osman Okka

An integrated system, Islam consists of several subsystems. The economy has an important place in these sub-systems. In this respect, Islam also includes regulations on economic growth and development. Undoubtedly, the most important of these regulations is the zakat institution. Zakat was mentioned in many parts of Koran with the prayer, accepted as the pillar of religion in many places and an important message that zakat and prayer should not be separated was given.
The most known and prominent feature of the zakat institution is its contribution to the fair distribution of national income, which is an important indicator in terms of economic development. A lot of work has been written on this subject and this issue has been mentioned in almost every sermon of Islamic scholars. However, the zakat institution has much more significance and benefits in terms of economic growth and development process.
The main purpose of this study is to create a resource for the qualitative and quantitative studies that will be carried out, by revealing other contributions of zakat to economic growth and development, which are not in the foreground but are actually much more functional as well as its other well-known contribution to income distribution.

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